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Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)

20, West Testuri Bazar Road, Tejgaon,
Tel: +880-2-91-20248 / 30508
Fax: +880-2-81-13010 / 1852
E-Mail: regr@aust.edu
Web: www.aust.edu

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain architecture, business administration, education, engineering
Programmes: Bachelor's and Master's Programmes of Courses.
Description: (a) B.Sc., Engineering; (b) B.A Business Administration; (c) B.Arch.; (d) M.Education; (e) M.B.A.
Open to: candidates of all nationalities.
Duration: (a) and (b) 4 years: (c) 5 years; (d) 1 year; (e) 2 years.
Fees: tuition: US$1,600 per year; living costs, approx. US$1,600 per year.
Financial assistance: foreign student scholarships offered by the university in the amount of US$600 per academic year; candidates must have good grades at 'A' level in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or its equivalent of 12 years of schooling; contact the Registrar at the above address for further information.

 Scholarship: Scholarships
Study Domain architecture, business administration, civil engineering, computer science, education, electricity and electronics, textile industry
Scholarships: Foreign Student Scholarship.
Open to: candidates of all nationalities; candidates must have good grades at A-level in physics, chemistry, and mathematics or its equivalent of 12 years of schooling.
Value: US$600 per academic year.
Applications: by 31 July to the Registrar at the above address.

Islamic University of Technology (IUT)

Board Bazar
Tel: +880-2-929-1252
Fax: +880-2-9291260
E-Mail: regstrar@iut-dhaka.edu
Web: www.iutoic-dhaka.edu/index/index.htm

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain computer science, engineering, mechanical engineering, teacher education, technical education, vocational training
Programmes: undergraduate and graduate programmes
Open to: male nationals of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) member countries; only male students accepted (in 2003); students must be nominated by their respective governments and must meet the minimum criteria of admission.
Applications: by 12 October to the Registrar at the above address; email: regstrar@iit-dhaka.edu.

 Scholarship: Scholarships
Study Domain engineering, technology
Scholarships: IUT/IDB Scholarships.
Subjects: for undergraduate engineering programmes and postgraduate programmes in technical education.
Open to: Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) nationals.
Duration: for entire duration of studies, provided results are satisfactory.
Value: full tuition, board and monthly stipend of US$40.
Applications: by 6 October; contact the Registrar at the IUC at the above address, Email: registrar@iut-dhaka.edu.

Khulna University

Tel: +880-41-720-171 / 721-791
Fax: +880-41-731-244
E-Mail: ku@bdonline.com
Web: www.ugc.org/khulna_uni.htm

 Course: Undergraduate Programmes
Study Domain agriculture, architecture, computer science, ecology, environment, electricity and electronics, engineering, fisheries, forestry, laboratory techniques, pharmacy and pharmacology, sciences, telecommunications, urbanism
Programmes: Bachelor's degree programmes.
Open to: candidates of any nationality; higher secondary certificate or equivalent; English proficiency.
Duration: 4 to 5 years.
Languages: English.

Southern University Bangladesh

GPO Box 842
Tel: +880-31-626-744
E-Mail: southern_u@mail.com
Web: www.southern-bd.info

 Scholarship: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain architecture, business administration, computer science, development studies, economic and commercial sciences, English, law, social sciences, tourism, hotel and catering management
Subjects: Faculty of Business: BBA, Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management, MBA, EMBA etc.; Faculty of Science and Technology: BSc. Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), BSc.Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) (up coming), BSc.Arch, MSc.IT, MSc.CSIT, M.Sc. (Comparative World Systems); Faculty of Social Science and Arts: BA. Law, BA. Economics, BA. English, MA. Law, MA. English, Economics and Development.
Open to: all enrolled students based on academic results and financial need.
Duration: 4 academic years; renewable.
Value: tuition waiver.

The Peoples University of Bangladesh (PUB)

7116, Block B. Lalmatia
Tel: +880-912-7807
Fax: +880-912-7807
E-Mail: ve-pubd@bdonline.com
Web: www.thepub.edu

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain accounting, business administration, computer science, English, finance, marketing
Programmes: Bachelor's, Honours and Master's Degree Programmes.
Open to: all nationalities.
Academic requirements: admission examination; English proficiency is required.
Languages: English.
Applications: first week of July and first week of January.

United International University (UIU)

House No 83 Road No 8/A, Dhanmondi
Tel: +880-2-912-5912
Fax: +880-2-912-5916
E-Mail: info@uiu.ac.bd
Web: uiu.ac.bd

 Scholarship: Financial Aid
Study Domain engineering
Open to: all students in Bachelor's and Master's programmes, based on academic results.
Value: tuition waiver of 25% to 100%.

University of Chittagong (CU)

Tel: +880-31-682-031 to 39 / 714-92
Fax: +880-31-726-310
E-Mail: vc-cu@spnet.ctg.com
Web: www.ctgu.edu

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain arts, business, law, medicine, sciences, social sciences
Programmes: programme of courses leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. degrees.
Description: Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate degrees in arts, science, commerce, social science, law and medicine.
Open to: candidates of all nationalities.
Financial assistance: some scholarships available; contact the Registrar-in-Charge for further information at the above address.
Languages: Bengali and English.
Applications: decided by the Admissions Committee; write to the Registrar-in-Charge at the above address for further information.

University of Dacca (Dhaka Bishwadibidyalaya) (UOD)

Tel: +880-2-966-1900
Fax: +880-2-861-5583
E-Mail: duregstr@bangla.net
Web: www.univdhaka.edu

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain all major fields
Programmes: Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. programme of studies.
Description: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes in: accounting, applied chemistry and chemical engineering, applied physics and electronics, Arabic, anthropology, Bengali, biochemistry, botany, business administration, chemistry, computer science, economics, education and research, English, finance and banking, fine arts, geography, geology, history, international relations, Islamic studies, Islamic history and cultures, law, library and information science, linguistics, management, marketing, mathematics, medicine, microbiology, modern languages, mass communication and journalism, nutrition and food sciences, pharmacy, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, public administration, Sanskrit and Pali, social welfare, sociology, soil sciences, statistical research and training, statistics, Urdu and Persian, zoology.
Open to: qualified candidates of all countries.
Applications: to the Registrar for all further information.