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An-Najah National University

PO Box 7 Nablus
Tel: +972-9-239-4960
Fax: +972-9-234-5982
E-Mail: info@najah.edu
Web: www.najah.edu

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain all major fields
Programmes: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes leading to Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees in all major fields.
Description: (a) undergraduate degrees in Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Statistics); Arts (Arabic, English, History, Geography, Sociology and Social Work, Archaeology, Journalism, French); Shari'a (Religious Law); Economics and Administrative Sciences (Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Political Science, Financial and Banking Sciences, Marketing); Engineering (Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering); Educational Sciences (Psychology, Teaching Methods, Elementary Education, Physical Education); Law; Agriculture (Plant Production and Protection, Animal Production and Health, Agricultural Economics and Rural Development); Pharmacy; Fine Arts (Music, Photography, Interior Design); Medicine; Veterinary Medicine; Information Technology (Computer Science, Management Information Systems); (b) Master's in 26 programmes and Ph.D. in Chemistry.
Open to: candidates of any nationality holding a secondary school certificate (or equivalent).
Duration: 4 to 5 years, depending on programmes.
Languages: English (required for science programmes) and Arabic (required for humanities).
Applications: by 15 September to the above address.