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Academy for Higher Art and Culture (AHKCO)

Waterkant 20
Tel: +597-477-749

 Course: Undergraduate Programmes
Study Domain arts, cultural studies, journalism, social sciences
Programmes: Bachelor of Higher Arts and Culture.
Description: socio-cultural education, journalism and plastic arts.
Open to: candidates of any nationality holding a pre-university secondary diploma; candidates over 25 years of age must pass an entrance examination.
Duration: 4 years.
Fees: information upon request to the Academy.
Applications: by mid-October to the above address.

Anton de Kom University of Suriname (ADEK)

Universiteitscomplex Leysweg 86 P.O. Box 9212 Paramaribo
Tel: +597 465 558 / 465 497
Fax: +597 462 291
Tlx: 311 ADEKUS SN
E-Mail: adek.bestuur@sr.net
Web: www.uvs.edu/English.html

 Course: Undergraduate, Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain agriculture, business administration, economic and commercial sciences, education, engineering, law, medicine, social sciences, sociology
Programmes: programme of courses leading to: (a) undergraduate degrees in natural sciences: geology, mining, agriculture, forestry, cattle-breeding, civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental sciences; (b) postgraduate degrees in social sciences: economics, sociology, law, didactics, public administration, business administration; medical sciences: medicine and physiotherapy.
Open to: suitably qualified candidates.
Duration: 4 to 7 years.
Applications: to the Registrar for all further information.

COVAB Foundation Central School for Nurses and Allied Professions

PO Box 9234 Flustraat No. 8 Paramaribo
Tel: +597-441-943/ 441-813
Fax: +597-441-943/ 410-559
E-Mail: vink@sr.net

 Course: Diploma in Nursing
Study Domain nursing
Programmes: Diploma in nursing.
Open to: candidates of any nationality, holding a secondary-school certificate or equivalent, physically and psychologically fit; proficient in Dutch, English or native languages.
Duration: 4 years.
Fees: students are provided with a monthly allowance.
Applications: at any time, requesting the prospectus and details for annual admission to one of the 8 hospitals in the country, at the above address.

Foundation for Youth Dental Care

Kernkampweg 3
Tel: +597-441-633
Fax: +597-442-345

 Course: Diploma Programme
Study Domain dentistry
Programmes: Diploma in Youth Dental Care.
Open to: the 12 best candidates holding a secondary-education certificate including chemistry and biology.
Duration: 3 years.
Fees: no fees but a 5-year contract of employment is required.
Applications: more information on request at the above address.

Polytechnic College Suriname

Passiebloemstraat 1 Paramaribo
Tel: +597-400-733
Fax: +597-400-100

 Course: Undergraduate Programmes
Study Domain administration, agriculture, architecture, business administration, civil engineering, electricity and electronics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, tourism, hotel and catering management
Programmes: Pedagogical courses are divided in 2 levels: LOBO (Teacher Training Vocational Education) and LOMBO (Secondary Vocational Education).
Description: architecture, electrotechnics, civil engineering, mathematics, mechanics, physics, nursing, hotel and catering industry, business and public administration, agriculture.
Open to: candidates of any nationality holding a secondary-education certificate from a technical college, pre-university college, advanced or ordinary level, or the equivalent.
Duration: 6 years divided into two levels of 3 years each, with a diploma issued for each level.
Applications: further information at the above address