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Ministry of Works and Transport Civil Aviation Division (GOTAT)

PO Box 552 8, Melville Lane
Fax: +1-868-625-3456
Web: www.caa.gov.tt

 Course: Work-Study Course / Air Traffic Services
Study Domain aviation, aeronautics, meteorology, transport
Programmes: work-study course in air traffic services (non-radar air traffic control): ATC procedures (ICAO), meteorology, air navigation, theory of flight, radio navigational aids, rules of the air.
Open to: candidates from the Caribbean area and environs aged 19 to 34 years with appropriate secondary education qualifications.
Held: at the Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC), Mausica Road, D'abadie.
Duration: 9-1/2 months.
Fees: tuition and handout papers are free of charge; governments or sponsoring agencies required to meet the cost of room and board and transportation for duration of course.
Applications: approx. 3 months in advance through sponsoring agencies.

University of the West Indies (UOTWI)

Tel: +1-868-662-2002
Fax: +1-868-663-9684
E-Mail: admis@admin.uwi.tt
Web: www.uwi.tt

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain all major fields
Programmes: (a) undergraduate degree, diploma and certificate programmes in agriculture and natural sciences, human ecology and land surveying, engineering, humanities and education, law, social sciences; (b) postgraduate degree programmes in medicine, veterinary science, dentistry and pharmacy.
Open to: applicants of all nationalities above age 17, with 3 GCE A-level passes or equivalent qualifications required for entry to 3-year degree for undergraduate degree programmes and holding a Bachelor's or Master's degree for admission to 5-year postgraduate and advanced degree programmes.
Duration: 3 to 5 years.
Fees: vary according to course of studies for (a) university fees, residence fees and other estimated expenses: TT$35,000-$45,000; (b) university fees, residence fees and other estimated expenses: TT$70,000-$100,000.
Applications: by early January to Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs (Admissions), at the above address.

University of the West Indies, Faculty of Medical Sciences (UOTWI)

Tel: +1-868-645-2640 / 9
Fax: +1-868-663-9836
Tlx: 24520 UWI WG
E-Mail: deanfms@fms.uwi.tt
Web: www.uwi.tt/fms/

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes / Medical Studies
Study Domain anatomy, biochemistry, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and pharmacology, physiology, surgery, veterinary sciences
Programmes: undergraduate and graduate degree programmes leading to: (a) Bachelor of Pharmacy; (b) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery; (c) Doctor of Dental Surgery; (d) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
Open to: for undergraduate course programmes candidates holding GCE A-levels in biology/zoology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or equivalent qualifications; for (a) chemistry and biology compulsory; for postgraduate and doctoral degree programmes a Master's degree or equivalent is required.
Duration: 3 to 5 years.
Fees: tuition: US$13,500 per year for years 1 to 3 and US$18,000 per year for years 4 to 5; living expenses and books approx. US$6,000 per year.
Applications: by March, to the Assistant Registrar (Admissions), at the above address.