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Barbados Community College (BCC)

The Eyrie Howell's Cross Road
Tel: +1-246-426-2858
Fax: +1-246-429-5935
E-Mail: dbradshaw@bcc.edu.bb
Web: www.bcc.edu.bb

 Course: Undergraduate Programmes
Study Domain applied arts, applied sciences, arts, business, civil engineering, health and hygiene, languages, sciences
Programmes: Associate degree programmes.
Open to: Caribbean nationals with 4 GCE or CXC O-levels or equivalent.
Duration: 2 years for Associate degree; 4 years for Bachelor of Fine Arts; courses begin 15 September.
Fees: to be advertised.
Financial assistance: offered by international donor organizations: CIDA, PAHO, CFTC.
Applications: by 31 July; by 31 May for health sciences and by 31 March for international students.

Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP)

Tel: +1-246-431-4200
Fax: +1-246-429-6733
E-Mail: office@bimap.com.bb
Web: www.bimap.com.bb

 Course: Management Training and Executive Development Programme
Study Domain economy, finance, management, marketing, statistics
Programmes: Management Training and Executive Development Programme: (a) seminars and regular training in the following subject areas: general management, human resources, production, marketing, accounting (financial and managerial), finance, industrial relations, organization development, quantitative methods, customer relations, economics, statistics, retail and sales management, manager and the environment, business policy, personnel, computer applications in management; 20 participants; (b) general management integrated programme for executives: finance and control, business policy, industrial relations, decision-making, strategy and competitive analysis. BIMAP also organizes tailor-made sessions for individual companies and organizations; seminars, workshops and symposia in special interest topics, advisory services for internal management and small business assistance to would-be owner/managers; (c) diploma in management studies; (d) Entrepreneurial Development Programme: Phase I pre-business workshop; Phase II practical sessions ending with the preparation of a business plan; (e) Entrepreneurial Development Programme Diploma: self-analysis, marketing, budgeting and forecasting, computer applications; (f) small business management training programme: marketing, production, accounting, finance, personnel management.
Open to: (a) and (b) candidates with higher national diploma, Bachelor's degree or equivalent and 5 years experience in management or related fields; age over 25; adult student status may be accorded; (c) candidates with minimum of 5 O-level certificates, higher national diploma, Bachelor's degree, etc.; (d) to (f) candidates of any country, over 21 years old, who are interested in starting a business.
Duration: (a) 3 months (beginning in January, April and September); (b) 15 sessions of 3 hours each or scheduled to meet special needs; (c) 1 to 2 years; (d) 4 months (courses begin in November and March); (e) 1 month; (f) 4 months (courses begin in June, July and August).
Fees: available on request.
Financial assistance: (d) to (f) some fellowships are available.
Languages: instruction in English.
Applications: (a) to (c) by 15 November, 15 February and 15 July; to the Executive Trustee, BIMAP; (d) by January and September; (e) by February and November; (f) by May; to the above address.