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Arabian Gulf University (AGU)

PO Box 26671
Tel: +973-239-999
Fax: +973-239-555
E-Mail: info@agu.edu.bh
Web: www.agu.edu.bh

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain biochemistry, earth science, health and hygiene, hydrology, medicine, sciences, special education
Programmes: Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate programmes of courses: medicine and medical sciences; desert and arid zones science programme: hydrogeology and water resources management, desert agriculture, desert environment and resources; technology management programme; biotechnology programme: medical biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, environmental biotechnology; programme of special education; programme of education for gifted and talented students.
Open to: Gulf States nationals and other Arab nationals who have residence in any of the Gulf States; for College of Medicine, not older than 24 years; holding a secondary-school certificate with a minimum average grade of 85%; entrance examination in mid-September with interview; acceptable level of English required; for postgraduate studies, B.Sc. or B.A. with a 'Very Good' grade average; admission based on Accumulative Grade Point Average (AGPA) and interview.
Languages: Arabic and English.
Applications: by April for graduate programmes; by July for undergraduate programmes; to the above address.

 Scholarship: Scholarships
Study Domain medicine, sciences
Scholarships: AGU Scholarships.
Description: for studies leading to M.Sc. or M.D. degrees at AGU.
Open to: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) students.
Value: up to 5,500 Bahrain dinars.
Languages: Arabic and English.
Applications: to University at above address.

College of Health Sciences (COHS)

PO Box 12
Tel: +973-252-612 /251-360
Fax: +973-242-485
Tlx: 8511
Web: www.batelco.com.bh/mhealth/cgi-bin/MoH/chs.htm

 Course: Undergraduate Programmes
Study Domain health and hygiene, sciences
Programmes: Programmes of courses leading to Bachelor's, Diploma, Associate degree and Certificate.
Description: (a) Bachelor of Science in nursing; (b) Bachelor of Science in laboratory; (c) Diploma in teacher development programme, health science, education; (d) Diploma in health education; (e) Diploma in midwifery, psychiatry, community nursing, cardiac care nursing, post-basic programme; (f) Associate Degree Diploma in nursing, pharmacy, dental hygiene, laboratory, sport therapy, health information, radiography, public health, sterilization techniques, medical equipment; (g) Certificate in medical equipment; (h) Certificate in health care administration.
Open to: candidates of any nationality, 18-22 years of age; for Associate degree programme, holding secondary-school certificate; for B.Sc. Nursing, Associate degree plus 2 years experience; for post-basic diploma, B.Sc. plus 1 year's experience; admission test in English and Science; TOEFL score of 450 required.
Duration: variable according to course.
Languages: instruction in English.
Applications: by 15 June, to the above address.

Gulf College of Hospitality and Tourism (HACTC)

PO Box 22088
Tel: +973-320-191
Fax: +973-332-547

 Scholarship: Hotel and Catering Diploma Scholarships
Study Domain tourism, hotel and catering management
Scholarships: Hotel and Catering Diploma Scholarships (4-6).
Description: tourism, hotel and catering management.
Open to: candidates of any nationality, aged 18 and above, with the equivalent of Bahrain's Secondary School General Certificate.
Duration: 2 years.
Value: free board and lodging, and transport.
Languages: good knowledge of Arabic and English essential.
Applications: by September to the Vice-Principal.

University of Bahrain (UOB)

Registrar PO Box 32038
Tel: +973-449-388
Fax: +973-4449-833
Web: www.uob.bh

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain all major fields
Programmes: Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. Programmes.
Open to: students with Bahrain Secondary School General Certificate or equivalent as accredited by the Ministry of Education.
Languages: instruction in Arabic, except for the Colleges of Business Studies and Engineering.
Applications: to the above address for more information.