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University of Asmara (UOA)

PO Box 1220
Tel: +291-1-161-926 ext 259
Fax: +291-1-162-236
E-Mail: prcuoa@asmara.uoa.edu.er
Web: www.uoa.edu.er

 Course: Undergraduate Programmes
Study Domain accounting, biology, chemistry, economy, English, law, management, marine biology, mathematics, physics
Programmes: B.Sc. degrees in chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, plant science, animal science, soil and water conservation, marine biology and fisheries, public health nursing practitioner, pharmacy; B.A. degrees in public administration, management, economics, accounting, English, sociology and anthropology, history, geography, political science, journalism and mass communications, archaeology; Bachelor in Education in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, geography, history, educational administration, educational psychology; Diploma in management, accounting, law, engineering and education; certificate in public administration.
Open to: undergraduate students of any country between 19 and 24 years of age.
Duration: diploma: 2 to 3 years; degree: 4 to 5 years; certificate: 1 year.
Languages: instruction in English.
Applications: by January.