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Bermuda College (BC)

PO Box PG 297
Tel: +1-441-239-4048
Fax: +1-441-239-4008
E-Mail: info@bercol.bm
Web: www.bercol.bm

 Course: Undergraduate Programmes
Study Domain arts, business, business administration, design, liberal arts, management, recreation and leisure, tourism, hotel and catering management
Programmes: Associate degree courses (equivalent to the first 2 years of a 4 year Bachelor's degree) in liberal arts, natural sciences, art and design, business administration, hospitality management, office administration, science (electronics), electronics technology; certificate programmes in general studies, general office skills, front office reception, food industry, motor vehicle maintenance, plumbing, wood trades, telecommunications and electronics, refrigeration and air conditioning.
Open to: candidates holding a secondary-school diploma or equivalent; official copies of transcripts, letters of recommendation and the Computerised Placement Test (CPT) are required; written and spoken English necessary; TOEFL 500 required.
Held: Stonington Campus, College Drive, Paget PG 04.
Duration: 2 academic years; courses begin in August and January; summer courses May and June.
Fees: application fee: (in Bermudan dollars) $25 (late application $50); tuition: $1,640 per year; living expenses: $1,200 per month; non-academic courses (CSC and ECA): $300 per year; incidental fee: $320 per year; differential fee: $2,100 per year; books: $400 per year.
Languages: instruction in English.
Applications: by 3 February and 1 July.