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Guyana School of Agriculture (GSOA)

Mon Repos
Tel: +592-020-2297
Fax: +592-020-2297
E-Mail: gsa@sdnp.org
Web: www.agrinetguyana.org.gy/gsa/

 Course: Undergraduate Programmes
Study Domain agriculture, food, forestry, management, marketing, nutrition, sciences
Programmes: programme of courses leading to Certificate in (a) Forestry, (b) Agriculture.
Open to: candidates of all nationalities who are: (a) secondary school graduates or mature persons, 25-40 years of age, who have a sound primary education plus 5 or more years of experience in the forestry sector; (b) youths (at least 17 years old) having successfully completed primary education and intending to enter farming careers.
Duration: (a) the course is organized over an academic year (courses begin in September) and is residential; (b) 2 academic years.
Fees: US$2,213 per school year (subject to change).
Applications: by 31 April, to the Principal of the school, at the above address.

University of Guyana (UOG)

PO Box 101110
Tel: +592-222-5402
Fax: +592-222-2490
E-Mail: pro@uog.edu.gy
Web: www.uog.edu.gy

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain agriculture, arts, education, health and hygiene, music and musicology, natural sciences, social sciences, technology
Programmes: programme of courses leading to (a) Certificate, (b) Diploma, (c) Bachelor's degree, (d) postgraduate and (e) Master's degree.
Description: (a) Certificates in education, health sciences, music; 15 participants; (b) Diploma programmes in health sciences, social sciences, technology, forestry, steel band music, tourism studies, transport, computer studies, environmental sciences; (c) Bachelor's degree in agriculture, arts, education, health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, technology; (d) Postgraduate diploma programmes in education, social sciences; (e) Master's degree in agriculture, arts, education, natural sciences, social sciences.
Open to: suitably qualified candidates of all nationalities.
Duration: (a) and (b) 1 to 2 years; (c), (d) and (e) 1 to 4 years (courses begin in September).
Fees: (a) US$2,600-$3,000; (b), (c) and (d) US$4,000; (e) US$4,600; other expenses US$350; all fees are payable in advance.
Financial assistance: the University of Guyana does not offer scholarships to students; however, private agencies sponsor students in mining, agriculture, banking, finance, economics.
Languages: instruction in English.
Applications: to the Public Relations Officer for University bulletin and information; to Admissions Division for courses/programmes; to the Registrar for other correspondence.