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Georgian Technical University (GTU)

77 Kostava Street
Tel: +995-32-360-762
Fax: +995-32-365-590
E-Mail: info@gtu.kheta.ge
Web: www.gtu.edu.ge

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain all major fields
Programmes: (a) Bachelor's, (b) Master's and (c) Ph.D. courses at the following faculties: civil engineering, mechanical engineering, transportation, information technologies and control systems, power engineering, telecommunications, mining and geology, fundamental sciences, chemical technology and biotechnology, metallurgy, humanitarian-technical, correspondence study.
Held: at the aforementioned faculties of the GTU, as well as at the following institutes (branches of the GTU): Graduate School of Management; Aviation; Architecture; Batumi Polytechnic; Chiatura Politechnic; Sukhumi Politechnic; Kazreti Politechnic; Tskhinvali Politechnic.
Duration: (a) 4 years; (b) 2 years (after bachelorship); (c) 3 years.
Fees: yearly for foreign students: US$500 to US$700.
Applications: by 1 August, to the above address.

Grigol Robakidze University (GRU)

6, Jano Bagrationi Street Tbilisi 380060
Tel: +995 32 38 58 49
Fax: +995 32 25 29 81
E-Mail: gr_uni@posta.ge
Web: www.gruni.edu.ge

Grigol Robakidze University (GRU)

6, Jano Bagrationi Street
Tel: +995-32-385-849
Fax: +995-32-252-981
E-Mail: gruni@posta.ge
Web: www.gruni.edu.ge

 Course: Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programmes
Study Domain accounting, audio-visual media, cinematography, communication, computer science, cultural studies, dentistry, English, geography, German, journalism, publishing
Programmes: Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in (a) journalism; (b) financial management; (c) international business; (d) law; (e) public administration; (f) dentistry; (g) English language and literature; (h) German language and literature.
Open to: nationals of all countries; English proficiency required; and professional assessment.
Fees: registration: US$30; tuition: US$1,300 per year: living costs: from US$20-100 per month.
Financial assistance: possibility of some financial assistance approximately 40-80 lari per month.
Languages: (a) to (g) language of instruction; English; (h) language of instruction: German, English.
Applications: 31 July.

International Black Sea University

0131 D.Agmashenebeli Kh., 13th km, No. 2
Tel: +995-32-595-005
Fax: +995-32-595-007
E-Mail: info@ibsu.edu.ge
Web: www.ibsu.edu.ge

 Course: Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programmes
Study Domain business, cultural studies, engineering, finance, international business
Programmes: Bachelor`s Degree in (a) business administration; (b) finance and banking; (c) international economic relations; (d) American studies; (e) Georgian language and literature; (f) industrial engineering; (g) computer engineering; (h) food engineering; Master`s Degree in (i) business administration.
Open to: nationals of all countries; proficiency in English required.
Fees: tuition: US$1,000 per year for students from former Soviet Republics, US$1,500 per year for others; accommodation: US$1,000 for ten months, living costs: from US$50-$200 per month.
Languages: language of instruction is English.
Applications: by 1 August.

Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU)

33 Vazha-Pshavela Avenue
Tel: +995-32-391-879
Fax: +995-32-942-519
E-Mail: iad@tsmu.edu
Web: www.tsmu.edu

 Course: Doctor of Medicine Programme
Study Domain medicine
Programmes: Doctor of Medicine Programme.
Open to: Candidates of all nationalities, with background in chemistry and biology and with English proficiency.
Age limit Max: 40 years of age.
Duration: 6 years.
Languages: language of instruction is English.
Applications: December.