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Hadhramout University for Science and Technology

PO Box 50511-50512 Mukalla
Tel: +967-5-360-863
Fax: +967-5-360-864
E-Mail: hadhramout_univ@yemennet
Web: www.hust.edu.ye

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain administration, applied sciences, Arabic, architecture, botany, chemical engineering, chemistry, computer science, early childhood education, earth science, economic and commercial sciences, English, finance, history, marine biology, marine science, mathematics, medicine, physics, teacher education, telecommunications
Programmes: Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes; particularly in science and engineering.
Open to: candidates of all nationalities with Arabic language proficiency and scientific background.
Duration: 4 to 5 years; courses begin 15 September.
Applications: by August to the Registrar at the above address.

Ibb University

PO Box 70270
Tel: +967-4-408-069
Fax: +967-4-408-068
E-Mail: ibbunv@yemen.net.ye
Web: www.ibbunv.com.ye

 Scholarship: Undergraduate Awards
Study Domain agriculture, arts, dentistry, education, engineering
Scholarships: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science programmes.
Open to: candidates with secondary-school leaving certificate and good academic record, recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education in Yemen.
Nationality: Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Thailand
Duration: 4-5 years, depending on the studies.
Value: studies in humanities: US$1,500-$1,800; science, engineering and dentistry; US$2,500-$3,500.
Applications: by 30 October; to Dr Abdul Hafeed Ali Fateih; Department of English, Faculty of Arts at the above address; a_hafeed@yahoo.com.

Queen Arwa University (QAU)

PO Box 11586
Tel: +967-1-449-909
Fax: +967-1-449-995
E-Mail: arwauniversity@y.net.ye
Web: www.arwauniversity.edu.ye/

 Scholarship: Queen Arwa Scholarships
Study Domain Arabic, business administration, computer science
Open to: full-time international students at undergraduate or graduate level who wish to study Arabic as a foreign language.
Applications: 1 September; to Dean, Students' Affairs at the above address.