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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KAZNU)

Al-Farabi Avenue, 71
Tel: +7-3272-471-488
Fax: +7-3272-472-609
E-Mail: anurmag@kazsu.kz
Web: www.kazsu.kz

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain all major fields
Programmes: Bachelor's; Master's; Ph.D.; preparatory certificate courses.
Description: distance learning in law and economics offered.
Open to:
Other conditions: basic intermediate language proficiency.
Fees: foreign student tuition fees range from: US$2,000-$3,00 per year.
Financial assistance: financial assistance not applicable for foreign students.
Languages: Russian and Kazakh.
Applications: apply by 30 August to: anurmag@kaszu.kz at office for international relations; courses begin in September.

Almaty Abai State University (AASU)

13 Dostyk Avenue
Tel: +7-3272-916-339
Fax: +7-3272-913-050
E-Mail: rector@abai.uni.sci.kz
Web: www.abai.uni.sci.kz

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain business, education, humanities and arts, languages, law, sciences, social sciences, tourism, hotel and catering management
Programmes: Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D. degree programmes.
Open to: foreign students should complete preparatory Russian or Kazakh languages in order to enrol in the University; minimum age: 16 years.
Duration: 4 years beginning 1 September.
Fees: tuition fees: US$1,300 per year; living costs US$20 per month.
Financial assistance: financial assistance not available to foreign students.
Applications: by 1 November to Bayan Sapargalieva, 13 Dostyk Ave, room 103.

East Kazakhstan State Technical University (EKSTU)

19 Serikbaev Street
Tel: +7-3232-406-739 / 354
Fax: +7-3232-406-920
E-Mail: center@ektu.kz

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain architecture, building industry, economic and commercial sciences, education, energy, engineering, geology, humanities and arts, metallurgy
Programmes: Diploma of Specialist (4-year undergraduate programme); Kandidat Nauk (2-3 year graduate programme); Master (1-2 year postgraduate programme).

Kazakh National Medical University (KAZNMU)

Tole Bi Str. 88
Tel: +7-3272-927-885
Fax: +7-3272-926-997
E-Mail: kaznmu@arna.kz
Web: www.kaznmu.kz

 Course: Doctoral Degree Programme
Study Domain biochemistry, biology, continuing education, health and hygiene, medicine, nursing
Programmes: Ph.D. and M.D. programmes.
Description: full 6-year medical doctor's programme; 3-year nursing programme.
Open to: candidates meeting academic requirements and completing 1 year language course.
Duration: 6 years commencing 1 September.
Languages: Kazakh and Russian.
Applications: by 15 August to: usmc@ok.kz; tel: +7 3272 927 700.

 Scholarship: Scholarships
Study Domain medicine
Scholarships: University Scholarships, through exchange programmes.
Applications: at any time with CV and recommendations to Prof. Yeldos A. Izatullayev, Kazakh National Medical University address or email: usmc@ok.kz.

Kazakh National Technical University (KAZNTU)

22 Satpaev Str.
Tel: +7-3272-926-901
Fax: +7-3272-926-025
E-Mail: allnt@kazntu.kz
Web: www.ntu.sci.kz

 Course: Graduate Degree Programmes
Study Domain accounting, business, communication, economic and commercial sciences, economy, education, electricity and electronics, engineering, history, information science, languages, management, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, natural resources, sciences, technology
Programmes: Master's and Ph.D. degree programmes.
Open to: applicants must have minimum secondary education and basic knowledge of Kazakh and Russian languages.
Held: branches in: Aktjubinsk; Ust-Kamenogorsk; Aktobe.
Duration: 5 years beginning in September.
Fees: registration: 853 tenge; tuition: approximately US$1,500.
Languages: Kazakh and Russian.
Applications: apply by 31 August to Suleyev D.K. Rektor, nich@kazntu.sci.kz.

Kazakh-American University (KAU)

18a Satpayev Str.
Tel: +7-3272-647-720
Fax: +7-3272-553-772
E-Mail: kau@mail.kz
Web: www.kau.kz

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain business administration, education, engineering, languages, law, liberal arts, library science, management, medicine, sciences, tourism, hotel and catering management
Programmes: undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.
Description: Bachelor's degrees in: finance, tourism, journalism, economics, world economics, communications and systems of communications, computer systems of information processing and management, radio communications, broadcasting and television, design, chemistry (oil), accounting and auditing, international relations, surgery and therapy, multi-channel telecommunication systems, biology, law, interpreting.
Open to: candidates must pass admission tests in: history of Kazakhstan, English language; under 30 years of age for full-time studies.
Fees: registration: US$50; tuition fees: US$1,700-$1,800; living costs: US$15 per month.
Languages: English.

Zhetysu State University (ZHSU)

Zhansugurov Street 187a
Tel: +7-328-222-0020
Fax: +7-328-221-2261
E-Mail: tk_jgu@mail.ru

 Course: Undergraduate and Professional Programmes
Study Domain accounting, biology, chemistry, continuing education, design, earth science, ecology, environment, economy, finance, music and musicology, philology, physics, teacher education, visual arts, vocational training
Programmes: Bachelor's degrees and higher professional education.
Open to: candidates passing compulsory admission tests: Kazakh (Russian); mathematics; history of Kazakhstan.
Duration: 4 to 5 years beginning 1 September.
Fees: registration: US$500-$600.
Financial assistance: some scholarships available.
Languages: Kazakh and Russian.
Applications: apply by 31 March to Rector Medeuov, fax: +8 328 221 2261.

 Scholarship: Scholarship
Study Domain all major fields
Scholarships: University Scholarships.
Value: 1,996 tenge per month.
Applications: apply to: Sarsenbaev Askhat Maulenovich, assistant rector at the university, fax: +8 328 221 2261.