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British Institute in Eastern Africa

PO Box 30710
Tel: +254-2-43721
Fax: +254-2-43365
E-Mail: britinst@arcc.or.ke

 Scholarship: Research Grants
Study Domain African studies, archaeology, history
Scholarships: occasional research attachments and grants (number varies according to funds available).
Description: research in pre-colonial history, archaeology and related studies of Eastern Africa (Zambezi to Middle Nile).
Open to: candidates of any nationality with suitable interests, experience and university training for the research proposed; studentships are normally reserved for Eastern African and Commonwealth graduates, who may be expected to make a significant contribution to historical and archaeological knowledge; they are not awarded for course work; the Institute may assist scholars with advice on fieldwork and research facilities, and the use of its research and reference library in Nairobi.
Place of study: normally in Eastern Africa.
Duration: variable, grants for specific research for appropriate periods.
Value: variable, depending on needs and the Institute's resources.
Applications: to the Director, at the above address.

Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA)

PO Box 62157
Tel: +254-20-891-601
Fax: +254-20-891-261
E-Mail: admin@cuea.edu
Web: www.cuea.edu

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain arts, sciences, social sciences, theology, religion, trade

Egerton University (EU)

PO Box 536
Tel: +254-37-62276-9
Fax: +254-37-62527
Tlx: (037) 33075
E-Mail: info@egerton.ac.ke
Web: www.egerton.or.ke

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate Programmes
Study Domain agronomic sciences, computer science, education, geography, home economics, horticulture, natural resources, philosophy, sciences, sociology
Programmes: diploma, undergraduate and graduate academic programmes offered in the following fields: agronomy, animal health, animal science, dairy and food science technology, agricultural engineering, horticulture, natural resources, agricultural economics, business management, geography, sociology, history, linguistics, English, Kiswahili, religious studies, philosophy, literature, agricultural education and extension, agriculture with home economics, botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science and environmental studies.
Open to: candidates of all nationalities holding a four-year secondary-school certificate with at least a B-average grade or credit.
Duration: Diploma, 3 years; undergraduate, 5 years for agricultural engineering, 4 years for the others; postgraduate, 2 years.
Applications: by 30 March, every other year.

Institute for Meteorological Training and Research (WMO-IMTAR)

WMO Regional Training Centre Dagoretti Corner, Ngong Road PO Box 30259
Tel: +254-2-576-957 / 567-865
Fax: +254-2-576-955 / 577-373
Tlx: 22208
Web: www.wmo.ch/index-en.html

 Course: Meteorological Studies
Study Domain hydrology, meteorology
Programmes: (a) meteorological courses for WMO Class IV, III, II and I; (b) specialized course in agrometeorology; (c) advanced forecasting course; (d) extension course; (e) postgraduate diploma course in applied hydrology and information systems for water management; (f) specialized course in aeronautical meteorology; (g) computer application course; (h) specialized course in operation, installation and maintenance of meteorological instruments; (i) course in meteorology observation techniques; (j) water resources management data processing and analysis.
Open to: mainly nationals of English-speaking African countries with: (a) credits in physics and mathematics at KCE (Kenya Certificate of Education) level or its equivalent, (classes IV to II) plus class IV certificates (classes III and II), KACE (Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education) with mathematics and physics (class II); honours B.Sc. meteorology (class I); (b) and (c) several years experience as class II and class I, (c) Advanced Forecasting Course (AFC) and two years field work after AFC; (d) B.Sc. in civil engineering, mining, geology, geography, meteorology, geophysics or the equivalent; (e) WMO Class I and II with experience; (f) KCE or equivalent; (g) KCE or equivalent, with maths, physics, working experience in meteorology related field; (h) for 3 months course: O-level certificate or KCE or equivalent with physics, maths and working experience in field related to meteorology; for 2-month course: O-level certificate with physics, maths and chemistry; (i) O-level certificate or KCE equivalent with physics, maths or physical science or WMO Class II, III, IV; age 18 and above.
Duration: (a) class IV, 4 months; class III, 12 months; class II, 2 years, (with KCE), 1 year (with KACE); class I, 5 months (courses begin in January/February); (b) 4 months (courses begin in August); (c) 2-1/2 months (courses begin in July); (d) 10 weeks (courses begin in September/October); (e) 9 months (courses begin in January); (f) 6 weeks (courses begin in April); (g) 5 weeks (courses begin in January); (h) 3 months courses begin in June; 2 months courses begin in March; (i) 2 months (courses begin in May); (j) 3 months. Courses begin in September.
Fees: (approximate figures) (a) class IV, sh31,500; class III, sh 74,200; class II, sh 74,200; (b) sh 40,000; (c) sh 35,000; (d) and (g) sh 30,000; (e) sh 250,000; (f) sh 20,000; (h) 3 month course: sh 36,000; 2 month course: sh 24,000; (i) sh 24,000; (j) sh 36,000.
Financial assistance: limited number of scholarships through WMO, UNDP, EEC, UNHCR, ICAO, British Council, GTZ; according to agreements with the candidate's home government.
Applications: from February to September, to the Principal, at the above address.

Kenya Utalii College (KUC)

PO Box 31052
Tel: +254-2-802-540
Fax: +254-2-860-514
Tlx: 22509 UTALHOT
E-Mail: info@utalii.co.ke
Web: www.utalii.co.ke/

 Course: Diploma Programmes / Hotel and Tourism
Study Domain tourism, hotel and catering management
Programmes: programme of studies leading to certificates and diplomas in tourism and hotel management.
Open to: candidates of all nationalities meeting minimum entry requirements, between 17 and 30 years of age.
Duration: variable; courses begin in October.
Fees: approx. US$7,050, subject to change without notice.
Financial assistance: some scholarships available covering full room and board, tuition, medical allowances, excursions, etc.
Applications: by 28 February, to the Principal.

Maseno University (MU)

PO Private Bag
Tel: +254-35-51620/622
Fax: +254-35-51221
E-Mail: vc-maseno@swiftkisumu.com
Web: www.mu.ac.ke/maseno/maseno.htm

 Course: Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate Programmes
Study Domain biochemistry, botany, business, business administration, chemistry, communication, computer science, ecology, environment, economic and commercial sciences, education, fisheries, geography, health and hygiene, history, interior design, languages, literature and civilization, mathematics, music and musicology, physics, research, sociology, statistics, Swahili, teacher education, theology, religion, zoology
Programmes: Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D. degrees in all major fields.
Applications: by July to the above address.

United States International University (USIU)

Thika Road Kasarani PO Box 14634
Tel: +254-020-3606-000
Fax: +254-020-3606-100
E-Mail: admit@usiu.ac.ke / finaid@usiu.ac.ke
Web: www.usiu.ac.ke

 Scholarship: Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship
Study Domain all major fields
Scholarships: tuition reduction for undergraduate, graduate studies.
Open to: all full-time incoming international students based on scholastic results; not open to Kenyan nationals.
Academic requirements: 3.5 grade point average required.
Duration: 4 academic years for undergraduate studies; 2 academic years for graduate studies; renewable on condition that 3.5 grade point average is maintained.
Value: 25% tuition reduction.
Applications: 2 June for fall intake; 15 September for spring intake; 30 March for summer intake; contact Financial Aid at finaid@usiu.ac.ke.